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About Celestial Dancer
Donna Kirven, better known in the poetry world as "Celestial Dancer," was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa., but currently lives in Northern California with her husband and two daughters. Coping with life through love, laughter, music and her passion for writing she has found a way to combine the beautiful arts of poetry and music and invites the world to share the joyous blend. She has written poetry since age 10, and had her first poem published in her high school newspaper. Donna attended Temple University, and JFK University and currently holds a graduate degree in Career Development Counseling.
Her first book, When a Band-Aid Isn't Enough, and other poetic perspectives was released in February 2005, and offers an eclectic compilation of traditional and non-traditional poetry that provokes soul deep images of any given moment in time, ones that we all, or someone close to us have experienced but have often been unwilling or unable to express. Just as in her first book, she remains true to her mission of sculpting life with words and painting feelings that touch and unite souls. She continues to capture unspoken moments of love, laughter, mood and passion in poetic verse.
Celestial Dancer released her second book of poetry, The Alchemy of Understanding, Poetic Soul Therapy, in December 2007, where she has included a collection of poems that reveal facets of living where some form of understanding is, isn't, was or is wished for. Reflecting on her latest book, Celestial writes that her poetry is delicately crafted to leave readers breathless, not because it sifts your breath away through shock or extracts it with sudden expressive impact, but because the potency of human emotion and speed with which these portraits of feeling have been painted have entered the deepest realm of your heart, mind and soul at a pace that pulls your breath inward in its wake, allowing you to experience the most cherished and often unspoken human sentiment. For more information about her poetry and books, click here to check out Celestial's poetry website
Celestial Dancer is also a partner, webmaster and CAO of Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry, an online and live jazz and poetry show hosted by Clayton "Big Trigger" Corley. As native Philadelphians, Celestial and Big Trigger have produced two live Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry events, "An Evening of Jazz and Verse" (2008), and "Jazzetry and Versatudes" (2009). The upcoming SOJP LIVE event "Silk Sessions", is scheduled for October 2010. Check out the Links page for more information on this fabulous event.
Celestial Dancer has been featured several times on IndieFeed Radio and Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry , and in many cafes throughout Northern California. She hopes that on some level, at least one part of her poetry will touch the life of another and bring, peace of understanding and comfort of kinship. Her life's mantra is live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God.